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The Mask 3 by Warner Bros Here All the Updates You Need to Know

When we have to think about the best, most hilarious comedy films out there of all the times, ‘The Mask’ would be the one topping that list. The generation of today and the generations that would be coming, would definitely enjoy the movie as it is a timeless masterpiece. Its been almost 26 years that the energizing comedy film graced to the screens and ever be as funny as it was 26 years.

According to some reports, there’s rumours going around that The Mask 3 is in the makings. Find out all the information about The Mask 3 here.

Warner Bros plans about The Mask 3

If reports are to be true, Warner Bros. Production house has acquired the rights of the film from Dark Horse Entertainment and have been the preparations for the third installment of the movie. Not only that, they have also hired the original writers Michael Fallon and Mark Verheider and director Charles Russell.

As for what they will showcase in the third part, rumours are that they will cast a female entertainer for this film, but who will be the female lead, no information is known regarding this so far.

Will Jim Carrey be part of The Mask 3?

The Mask without Jim Carrey is just an empty shell. He’s the soul of that film. Keeping in mind how famous Carrey’s involvement in the film made it a big hit, Warner Bros reportedly approached him and he’s taking active part in it. From screenplay, to production ,he is taking every chance to make this one as successful as the previous two films of the series.

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Storyline and Cast of Mask 3

Jim Carrey will be back to perform the unfortunate everyman, Stanley Ipkiss who becomes a breathing animation when wearing a magical Norse Mask. As for the storyline, nothing has been confirmed.