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The Mandalorian Season 2: ‘The Boss’ of Women’s Wrestling Rumored To Be The Exciting Inclusion To The Cast.

Sasha Banks, a famous name in the world of Professional Wrestling has joined the Disney Plus show.

The Disney Plus series is set to be released in October 2020 and the second season is currently under filming. Upon Premiering Last Fall, The Mandalorian Season 1 became a sensational hit upon its release. “The Child”- an adorable character better known all over the world as Baby Yoda stole the show the week after.

The Mandalorian had a captivating lead, glittering cast, intriguing storyline and stunning effects- making the show a visual treat. The groundbreaking use of Stagecraft Technology made the show an even bigger hit among the fans. The success garnered by the show encouraged the producers to start filming the second season. And if this latest casting rumor is true, fasten your seat belts for a hell of a ride.

Sasha Bank’s role in Mandalorian Season 2 seems to be exciting

Sasha Banks’s role in Mandalorian Season 2 seems to be exciting.
Originally reported by Mat Pen Pro Wrestling, Sasha Banks is set to play in a role in Mandalorian Season 2. No further details has been disclosed nor published regarding the nature of her role. But Banks has reportedly finished filming her scenes for the series. Banks last wrestled on the 3rd of January in an episode of SmackDown Live. She has been absent since then with a reported ankle injury. But that hasn’t been enough to keep her off the sets of Mandalorian Season 2.

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The Mandalorian Producers Being Unique With Their Casting

The Mandalorian has in the past looked beyond the normal pool of actors while engaging in the activity of casting. They casted MMA fighter Gina Carano as Gina Dune and Director Werner Herzog as Mysterious Client in Season 1. Obviously each one of them have been previously involved in acting gigs and are popular global figures. But this is the first venture of Sasha into the world of acting. Chances are that it would be a single episode role which would give her the necessary exposure to Star Wars. But the role isn’t that major that the success of an entire season hinges on it.

The Fate Of Sasha Banks

Only time will tell if Sasha Banks truly has a role in the series.The nature of her role up until this point is indeterminable. As a wrestler, choosing her for this action heavy show would be a sensible decision. Whatever may be the significance of the role, “The Boss” is sure to give her all.