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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Expected Release Date and To Face Financial Problems

Are you crazy about the new series The Lord of the Rings? The developers of Daedalic Entertainment are very famous for the games. However, today they are going through a slump. Thus the slump time can even affect the release of the new game “The Lord of the Rings.”

Why The Lord of the rings focus on Gollum?

Many developers are crazy about focusing on protagonists of the shows like Aragorn or Frodo. Thus, Dedalic Entertainment has decided for a new game release on the Gollum character. The latest thought on the fantasy is exciting because Gollum is not an essential character of The Lord of the Rings.

The game will give an idea that Gollum has a revamped look. The character got inspiration from an iconic performance by Andy Serkis. The hype is very high in the fans. The marketing of this game is appropriately carried out by the developers. But the developers have been taking one step back because of losses endured by them.

Gollum to face Financial Problems

Daedalic released one new game back a few months ago named “A Year of Rain.” They are doing well after the first game release. They have sold not more than 5000 units in three months. With this, Daedalic Entertainers have faced some financial problems. According to the statement made by Daedalic, the business plan was very unsustainable currently.

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These previous losses have even affected the new game release, “The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.” The company does not have a fund for modern game development. They are trying to complete their game without compromising with its quality. Thus, they might have to face problems in game development to a re-positing business model. Hopefully, it is sure that they can pull their gaming.

Release Date and Final Development of “The Lord of The Rings”

Due to some financial problems, the game release schedule is to release in 2021. Still, this game is under development even if Daedalic Entertainment is facing losses. However, do not lose hope that if the game will release or not. Daedalic will complete their work with time. They have brought us many previous adventures that are much memorable.