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The Little Mermaid: Remake Release Date, Cast And All Latest Updates You Need To Know

The little mermaid is known as Ariel and a fictional character and it is the 28th film of Walt Disney that animated.

The voice to the character of Ariel is given by Jodi Benson. The creators of the movie are Glen Keane, Mark Henn, James Baxter, Tom Sito, Stephane Sainte-Foi, Sandro Cleuzo, Nik Ranieri and Philo Barnhart.

The plot of little mermaid!!

The story of the movie shows you the story of a mermaid who’s name is Ariel and she is the daughter of Triton who is king and Athena who is the queen of the kingdom of underwater and that is Atlantic.

In the movie, you will see that Ariel wants to see the human world and wants to become a part of it.

She is married to a Prince named Eric and they have a daughter named Melody. The movie is another part of the little mermaid that has been released in 1989.

All the information about the remake of the little mermaid!!

After showing us Ariel’s underwater world the creators are now planning the remake of the little mermaid.

In the article, you find out the releasing date and the other information about the upcoming movie

When the little mermaid remake is going to release in theaters?

As the official and confirmed date is not announced by the creators but they have announced that the production of the remake has been started in April 2020, so you can expect to release date of the remake of the movie in 2021.

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Viewers have to wait a little more for this upcoming movie.

Who is going to play the character of Ariel in the remake?

The character of Ariel in the upcoming movie is a play by Halle Bailey and this news has been confirmed by the creators of the remake of the movie.

Halle is a very talented actress and that’s why they choose her for that role, and this statement is said by the director of the movie.

The trailer of the remake of little mermaid!!

There is no teaser or trailer of the movie that has been released, as the shooting has going to start in April 2020. So you guys have to wait for the first look of the movie.

The cast of the remake of the little mermaid!!

  • Melissa McCarthy in the role of Ursula
  • Jacob Tremblay as voice of Flounder
  • Jonah Hauer King in the role of Prince Eric
  • Javier Barden in the role of King Triton

There are also many cast and characters which have not been announced by the movie.