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The Letter for the King Season 2 Is All Set to Amaze Us: Here Is Release Date, Cast and Plot

The story of “The Letter for the King” revolves around Tiuri who is a teenager undergoing the training of becoming a Knight. At some point in his life, he came in front of a man who is dying and requests him to give an important message to King Favian. The message contains a warning against his Prince Viridian who plans for treachery.

The Letter for the King Season 2: What’s Going On??

The first season revolves around Tiuri and his relationship with his peers including Lavinia. The whole story takes a lot of twists and turns with a reborn of one of the clan members of Tiuri himself.

There is although pretty fewer chances of having a second season as the ratings are way beyond low with 5.9 on IMDb it’s quite tough to confirm, but it has the fantasy. So anything can happen in the future of the series.

The series hasn’t renewed by Netflix but according to the pattern, the series is going to release its second season by late 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic.

The Letter for the King Season 2: What’s the Story??

The upcoming story is going to revolve around King Favian as Tiuri was able to give the news to him by the end of the 1st season but rather than getting panicked Viridian makes sure to wait for the time being and going to observe how everything plays out for him. Even though he gets killed by King Favian yet he reborn again when the blood moon rises. After which Tiuri and his gang return to their land and Knighted even though Lavinia’s dark power was a lot to handle but somehow they manage to do that and here they are. There is no idea what’s going to happen next but it seems the narrative could play out like a war kind of thing.

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Right now, We don’t have the trailer for the upcoming season but we will get it soon. So, people for the time being remain patient.