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The Letter For The King, Season 1 Will Release On Netflix On 20 March 2020

Directed by Alex Holmes, Charles Martin, and The letter for the king, Season 1 is an upcoming UK-based and action and fantasy drama film. Will Davies produce The letter for the king, Season 1.

Release Date For The Teaser And Series

Netflix has release the first teaser on 12 February 2020 a fantasy and action drama, The Letter for the King, based on bestselling novel the name by Dutch writer Tonke Dragt publish in 1962.

Moreover Netflix has revealed that The Letter for the King, release date for the series, which drops on 20 March 2020. So there are only a few days to wait.

The Cast Of The Letter For The King, Season 1

The cast of The Letter for the King, Omid Djalili (Sir Fantumar), Tiuri the Squire (His Dark Materials‘ of Amir Wilson) and, there’s a Lord of the Rings trilogy reunion between David Wenham (Sir Tiuri the Valiant) and freshly publicize Andy Serkis (Mayor Mistrinaut).

They will also joined on their expedition by the other beginner, played by Jack Barton as Foldo, Islam Bouakkaz as Arman, Thaddea Graham as Iona  and Jonah Lees as Jussipo.

Ruby Serkis play role of Andy’s daughter also stars in the series, she playing the role of Lavinia. Consequently, How to Train Your Dragon‘s Will Davies is on co-executive and writing duties.

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‘The Letter For The King’ Series Based On Classic Novel

The Letter for the King is set in a world full of adventure and intrigue, where nobody wants to be a knight more than Wilson’s Tiuri is a 15-year-old squire who answers a desperate call for help and finds himself on a perilous mission that could cost him his entire life and with providing a highly secretive letter on which the destiny of the entire kingdom depends.

Saleh portrays Piak, an excitable and fearless young boy who couldn’t bear seeing his elder brother go on an adventure while he missed out at home.

On their journey, he and his young friends will explore how much it takes to become a real & true knight, and just how much the broken adult world need them to fix it.