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The Lego Batman Movie 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Trailer and Lots More

From childhood we were expose to movies based on our favorite DC and Marvel super heroes in a very real and cinematic way but what if the same movies with dark themes presented to us in more funny and animatic way how would you react? I know we all will love it. So in that same line the infamous Warner animation had arrived with their own animated version of Batman in 2017 and guess what the it turns out to be a great success.

The movie was based on the same theme and plot of Batman series however this was presented in more animatic and funny way and also the best part of the movie was unlike other animated movies in this the characters were made up of Lego, yes you heard it right the same Lego with which we use to play during our childhood. The movie was so loved by the audience that a new part is on its way to cinematic theater.

The Lego Batman Movie 2: Release Date

As the first film was exposed to lot of positive feedback, the creator decided to come up with a second part of the movie however there is no exact information about the release date so far, but with available information we can expect this movie to be released by end of this year however that possibility also looks very bleak due to the Corona Virus Pandemic so fans can hope that if everything goes properly movie will hit the theater by late 2021 or by 2022.

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The Lego Batman Movie 2: Plot

So far the plot of Lego two is unavailable, however after watching Lego one we can expect few elements to be there in part two as well. Part one was a dark parody based on Bat-Man accepting his Bat family similarly we can expect such parody in part two as well.

The Lego Batman Movie 2: Cast

So far what we know is Will Arnett will voice Batman and Micheal Cera will do the same for Robin.

The Lego Batman Movie 2: Fan Theory

After the reunion of Bat- Family, now fans are speculating that there is a high chance that New Villains like Scarecrow, Bane will surely come in next part but to know that fans have to wait for some time.