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The LEGO Batman Movie 2 Cast, Release Date and Story

Lego is all pumped up about the theatrical releases of its films in the Lego Movie franchise. They are going to expand their movie universe with lots of releases which are under the wraps from the public eye. But, we have got our hands on one such film which is confirmed by the Lego Studios. Lego Batman Movie will be getting it’s own sequel film.

The first Lego Batman movie came out in February 10, 2017 which received positive responses from the masses and the critics. Seeing the response, the makers were encouraged and planned to release the sequel part of the film. Reportedly, they are planning to make third part of the film too. Here’s every detail you need to know about the upcoming movie.

Release Date of The Lego Batman 2

Lego recently announced their plans about the future of Lego films. And the exciting news that they shared with the fans is that, the Lego Batman 2 will release in the year 2022. Though, the makers have yet to decide on a date for the release of the film, the fact that the movie is in the making is pretty exciting news to share.

However, we are uncertain that the makers will release the film in the year 2022 as the production and making if the film has been put on halt due to the pandemic crisis.

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Cast to Be Seen in the Upcoming The Lego Batman 2

We expect to see lots of characters from the past movie to comeback in this upcoming movie. Though we are not sure about whether the makers would hire the original voice actors for the same.

Batman (Bruce Wayne) who will be the lead in the film. Joining him would be his trusted ally Robin (Dick Grayson). How could we forget about Batman’s arch nemesis, The Joker. Alfred and Catwoman to expected appear in the movie. Many characters will be added to the cast, but nothing has been disclosed as of now.

Plot and Storyline in The Lego Batman 2

The Lego Batman 2 will be the sequel to the first part. So we expect to see the continuation of the story. As of now, we don’t have any updates regarding the plot, but surely the movie will be very entertaining and fun to watch.