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“The Last of Us Part II” Is Coming Soon and Here Is All That You Need To Know

The Last of Us Part II is a soon-to-be released adventure-horror-thriller which promises the players a ride packed with action. Players fight against blood-thirsty creatures and hostile humans who’ve been infected by a mutant version of the Cordyceps fungus. The game is played from the third-person perspective.

What Are We Expecting?

Survivors Ellie and Joel have now settled down in Jackson, Wyoming as a part of the survivors’ community but the threats of the post-pandemic world don’t seem to let go of them. Join them for another adventure into the unknown; in desperation, in hope of survival.
The developers Naughty Dog has since kept mum on the details of the game, but we have managed to grab a few tit-bits from the new talk-of-the-game-town.

The Last of Us II would see Ellie embark on another journey against the evil, fighting her own insecurities and emotions in her sophomore year. We expect to see a different side of Joel and Ellie as their vulnerabilities and fear comes into light. The dark thriller would shed light on parts of their lives in the run for survival.

Creative Director-Scriptwriter Neil Druckmann revealed that while the original focussed on the theme of “love”, he sequel would focus on “hate”.


Gamers around the world has been yearning to hear about a sequel’s release ever since the release of the original way back in 2013. Even though the plans to develop a sequel of the highly acclaimed original ‘The Last of Us’ was heard around 2014, it was officially announced at a PlayStation event in December, 2016.

A second trailer was released as a part of the Paris Games Week I October, 2017 while another trailer was released in September, 2019.


Even though it was announced that the game would release on February 21, 2020; Druckmann announced that it had been delayed until May 29, 2020. The gaming developers pan on releasing he game in four editions; standard, special, collector’s and Ellie’s edition with various items and abilities hidden in each of them.

The Last of Us Part II has managed to win some major recognitions long before its release:
• Most Anticipated Game of the Year (2017) by PlayStation Blog
• Most Wanted Game (2017) at the Golden Joystick Awards
• Most Anticipated Game (2017) at the Gamer’s Choice Awards
• Special commendations for Graphics and Sound (2018) at the Game Critics’ Awards
If not this, then we don’t know what else is a good proof of how eager the hard-core gamers around the world are for the game to hit the shelves.

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New Introductions

The game would be introduced into the world in PS4 and PS4 Pro formats. The sequel promises additional features, top audio-visual effects and an amazing digital experience. it would see the return of the “Listen Mode” which allows players to activate the sensitive hearing sense and locate enemies outlines atop the walls.

We also expect to see the introduction of guard dogs which can track the scent of the player character. Gamers were quite disheartened as the plan for a multiplayer sequel was cancelled during the early months of development.

A Tweet by the game’s Co-director Anthony Newman “we bout to redefine a triple-a in 2020 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” seems to really have the ball of excitement rolling as the sequel of the action-thriller is set to redefine the Triple A gaming zone.


Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker would come back as Ellie and Joel, as was revealed in the initial trailer. The sequel would see the introduction of Yara, Emily, Lev an unnamed character (as per latest reports) to be played by Victoria Grace, Emily Swallow, Ian Alexander and Laura Bailey respectively. Neil Druckmann and Halley Gross duo turn story-writers, Anthony Newman and Kurt Margenau would replace Bruce Straley as the Game Directors while Neil Druckmann would continue as the Creative Director of the game.

Troy Baker who gives voice to one of the key character Joel was caught saying that “I don’t think Joel believes he is a hero. If he was to lean anywhere I think that Joel would consider himself a villain, which is why he can say that he’s been on both sides”. This seems to have left the gamers at the edge of their seat thinking if developers Naughty Dog has some game changing (quite literally) tricks up their sleeves this time.