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The Last of Us Part 2 Supermarket Safe Combination Information and When Will the Game Come to Ending ?

Video games are truly a real relief point for many people across the world. While being locked up at home, we have all cherished video games. It has given us the Avenue to channelize our energy and more importantly reduce our level of boredom. Many games have been the favorites of people who have been shut down in their homes during this period. However, none has come near the popularity of Last of Us Part 2. It has truly been a genre that had remained unexplored till date.

Last of Us II: About the Game

Last of US Part II recently released on the gaming platforms. The storyline borders in an apocalyptic world which is set in the future. We are introduced then to the two primary characters of the game. One of them is Elle, who is looking to avenge the death of a close one. While the other one is Abby, a soldier who is caught in a diplomatic conflict and needs to escape the hands of the evil in order to survive. The game features action-packed moments. It can be played from a third person’s perspective. Since there are two different characters, two different storylines are there which ultimately converge at a single point at the end of the show.

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Last of Us II: Supermarket Safe Combination

In the gameplay, there are several safes located at different spots. The characters need to find the safes and open it in order to get a clue. This clue would help them progress to the next round as well. In the supermarket, when you reach the place you will have to go to the upper floor. The place is full of spores and once you search the upper floor carefully, you will find a safe there. The combination for the safe is 7-20-13. Once you open the safe you will find the relevant information about how to progress into the next round.

Last of Us II: How will it end?

Last of Us Part II will end when the characters discover all the clues in relation to the game. Once they have accessed all the necessary locations, they have found all the safes. After unlocking all the safes their missions would end, which in turn is the end of the storyline of the game.