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The Last of Us 2 Is Delayed Due to Coronovirus Check out the New Release Date

What Caused the Delay:

The Last of Us Part 2 release date has been postponed by Sony until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier it was scheduled to be released on May 29th. Sony in its statement has blamed the global crisis for the delay and said its players have to suffer due to the same. ┬áNaughty Dog in its statement sais that it wants that everyone can enjoy the experience of the game at the same time around the world and thus it has to delay its launch date and said that it will update about new release date very soon. This isn’t the first delay first it was delayed from February 21st its release date to May 29th.

About The Last of Us 2 Trailer:

Its trailer was an announcement of its release date which was released on September 2019. It featured Ellie in an intimate scene and then it showed us various combat scene which was enough to take the fans excitement to the next level. It also showed Ellie fighting for her life and she is roaming between areas collecting weapons and taking her enemies down.

What’s Different This Time:

Joel actor Troy Baker has informed people about the divisive nature of the game and said that people may like it or may hate it but he was sure that people will not be doubtful about it. He informed that people would come to explore more about Joel’s character.

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