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The Last Narc Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story and Much More

The Last Narc is a new, real-life documentary show set to broadcast on Amazon Prime Videos, and it is a ‘must-watch’ on Netflix for Narcos fans. The show, which will be available on the streaming platform to watch for free, exposes the authenticity about Camarena’s journey and his end. No worries, we’ve got you covered on all the major details concerning the docu-series, which is described as a must-watch for all the Narcos fans out there.

The Cast of the Last Narc 

The latest docuseries centres around contacting expert Hector Berrellez and his argument as he gets the initiative to find what came to Kiki Camarena’s fruition. It also covers interviews with the DEA agents wife Geneva, identified as “Mika,” and three Guadalajara cartel informants.

The release date of The Last Narc

Fans of Narcos rejoice!! It’s only a week before “The Last narc” airs on the 15th of May, 2020 on Amazon Prime Video.

You surely need a Prime Subscription for it. The series will consist of four episodes, which is expected to release weekly. Fans cant wait, because it will tell the whole story regarding the death of DEA agent, Kiki Camarena, who was surely loved by the fans for his bravery in exposing the Narco traffickers.

The Last Narc Trailer

The fans are treated with a short sneak peek of the mini docuseries which will air soon.


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The trailer commences with Hector Berrellez speaking “I remember being at a gym when all of a sudden news comes on the screen, I stop and say, ‘Oh my god, they’ve got Kiki’.”

The widow of Camarena talks about how Kiki tried to do his duty; he tried to be an investigator of the FBI and then she speaks about how he was executed. We see colleagues of the DEA agent speaking about his persona and boldness in never before observed interviews.



So get ready to dive deeper into the life of Kiki Camarena and to be introduced to some unseen interviews relating to his death. There is surely gonna be more violence and crimes and more deaths!!

Coming from the production house of the Amazon Studios and directed by Tiller Russel, it’s going to be released in around 200 countries worldwide. Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman of IPC happen to be the executive producers for the much-anticipated series.