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The Last Kingdom Season 4 Plot, Episodes, Production and When Is the Season Released on Netflix?

The show The Last Kingdom is based on Bernard Cornwell’s The Saxon Stories created by Stephen Butchard which first was telecasted on BBC but now we see it on Netflix. The level of popularity of the show is shown by the fact that it is rated 8.3 on IMDB and 91% on reviews aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

When Can We Expect Its Release:

Netflix has announced on 19 March 2020 that it will release season 4 on 26 April 2020, by an official post on twitter. It will stream on Netflix at 1:30 pm IST on 26 April 2020.

About the Production of the Last Kingdom Season 4:

The series is filmed primarily with most scenes at the eight acres near Budapest owned by Korda Studios does the filming of the show in Hungary at the set of Medieval Village Set which is surrounded by mountains and forests. Its produced by Carnival Film and Television and is created by Stephen Butchard. The series got renewed in 2018 when its fourth season got premiered.

What’s in the Last Kingdom Season 4 Plot:

The show revolves around the lead character who is Northumbrian Saxon nobleman’s son from Bebbanburg. His father was made a peer of a united geographic region. His father fought against Danes to defend the northern border from the Scots but got killed later. Uhtred’s uncle has created the lord after his brother was also killed.

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Danes take Uhtred and a lady named Brida as slaves.If we believe the speculations this season will feature a way older Uhtred as a grown-up older man and he will battle with his uncle to take back Bebbanburg castle and his ancestral home from his uncle. This time the plot is believed to be taken from The Pagan Lord (2013) books.

Other Details of the Last Kingdom Season 4:

For the trailer, you have to keep yourself updated with Netflix’s official YouTube channel and the official trailer for the fourth season is expected to release in the mid of March or the early weeks of April. There gone be 10 episodes in the season each of 50 minutes.