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The Last Kingdom Season 4 : A Surprise This Season Details You Need To Know

The Last Kingdom Season 4
The Last Kingdom Season 4

Yes it is official. Netflix will be up with the fourth season of the British Historical Drama series, The Last Kingdom.

Great news for the ones who haven’t got out of the hangover created by The Last Kingdom. Well, back to back historical and fantasy drama from Netflix but this is a real gem.

The Last Kingdom: An Overview

Netflix is kind of always behind Historical and periodical dramas and that was the first impression most of the audience had when Netflix took The Last Kingdom into hands from BBC.

It received a positive response from the critics right from season 1 and it is perfectly balanced till now.

The plot, premise, and storyline of The Last Kingdom is based on the 9th century Saxon Stories Novel written by Bernard Cornwell.


The Last Kingdom: Over the seasons

The Last Kingdom Season 4
The Last Kingdom Season 4

The first season was released in October 2015 dropping 8 Episodes on BBC followed by a second one in March 2017 with the same number of episodes.

Netflix took the complete rights to stream right from the 3rd season and it was a 10 episode one released in November 2018.

And for the big news Season four of The Last Kingdom, as per reports won’t be releasing a teaser trailer and the whole season is going to show up around June – July 2020!!

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The Last Kingdom: Casting

A series with a pretty strong historical background. Alexander Dreymon in the role of Uhtred of Bebbanburgh was the lead, also starring David Dawson as King Alfred, Emily Cox as Brida.

Netflix also made an announcement on introducing two new characters too in the fourth season which will be Stefanie Martin and Jamie Blackley.

The Last Kingdom: Surprise Factor?

The Last Kingdom Season 4
The Last Kingdom Season 4

The surprise factor came up as Beck Laursen recently opened up about the complete shooting wrapped up and the introduction of multiple powerful characters into the storyline. Yes, stay surprised.

It seems The Last Kingdom isn’t going to pass with a normal season.

The Last Kingdom: What To Wait For?

As the whole series is made on the story based on books, according to the makers, the real story is still left to be presented in screens.

This could be the best news for The Last Kingdom fanatics as a long story is still left to roll on and a promising season will be up by mid-2020.