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The L word Will Not Come Anymore on Netflix in March 2020!!

The L word is a television series based on the drama; the series is co-produced with America and Canada. The first season of the series is released on the 18th of January in 2004.

The series is created by Ilene Chaiken, Michael About and Kathy Greenberg with the production companies named Anonymous Content, Dufferin Gate productions, Coase mountain films, Showtime network, and MGM television.

The series had produced a total of 6 seasons to date.

The first season is released on January 18 in 2004, second is on February 20 in 2005, third is on January 8 in 2006, fourth is on February 2 in 2006, fifth is on March 8 in 2007 and the sixth was on January 18 in 2009.

The story of the series revolves around a group of friends and the L-word in the series related to lesbians so you can also connect it with the story of the series.

The series also won many awards one of the name is Satellite award for best actress and also for best television series in the second season and also get nominated for many awards.

The story of the series revolves around a friend group of women and they all are lesbians. The series if of 6 seasons and they all run till 2009 and back on Netflix in 2015.

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Everyone is questioning why the series is going to end. In this article, you will find every detail about the ending of the series

Why the series it won’t come back on Netflix: the L word?

There is a licensing agreement between every series creators and Netflix, there is also a licensing agreement between the creators of the L word and between Netflix which has ended and that’s why the series won’t be returning with a new season.

Well, there is also a point that the creators of the series create a new agreement but here in the L word series, the creators decided to end the series in place of creating a new agreement.

Did the L word season also go to end in the other countries?

This question that everyone wants to know, did the series also end in the countries or just in the US.

So it’s the answer is that Netflix not releasing any season of the series in any country because it wants to give chance to new series and releasing some new shows.