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The L Word: Generation Q Will Return For Season 2 Then What Will Be The Release Date? Details Updated

This is going to start a very amazing reboot of the show The L Word. But it seems that the series is now all set to be back online again. The series mainly showed the puzzled relationships of a bunch of friends who lives in Los Angeles.

All of these friends fall under that category of LGBTO+. The three main characters of the show are Alice, Bette, and Shane. The show is filled with a lot of Easter eggs for the L Word Fans. But that doesn’t mean that the newer audience can enjoy the show. This perfect blend made the show very successful.


The wonderful cast of the show is going to continue the story from the last season. The end of season one is now connected to the starting of the second season. In each of the episodes, you will find that it contains at least one unimaginable twist involving one of the main characters. These twists can be regarded with the main character’s love life or career. The fans of the show are excited that they can now once again enjoy the extremely funny series. The major plot of the series is yet to be out but expect it to be hilarious.

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Release date

The first season of the series came out last year in December. The series ended on 26th January. So the fans believe that the show will return later at the end of this year. There has been no official date out on the internet or any announcements but everyone is eagerly waiting for the new season of the show.


The cast of the show includes the likes of Jennifer Beals, Leisha Hailey, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner, Katherine Moennig, Pam Grier, and Rachel Shelley. The fans are also expecting to see some new faces along with the return of some old characters also.