The Justice Seeker Arnab Goswami Got Arrested for Being the Reason of Someone’s Death. Here All You Need to Know

This incident dates back 2 years ago when an interior designer, who worked for republic studio got cheated with the payment. 53 years old Anvay naik worked hard for designing work in the republic news channel and charged a bill of 83 lakhs rupees but the studio chief and Arab didn’t paid him any penny which resulted in suicide of interior designer and his mother.

The case got reopened in may 2020 on the demand of Anvay’s daughter  Adnya naik. The designer left a suicide note in which he mentioned the fraud of 83 lakhs that happened bto him and blamed 3 person’s including Arnab.

What allegations are made by family members of Anvay’s

His wife came forward and asked for justice for his husband. She said ” Arnab was the one who was appealing for justice for sushant singh rajput’s death even when there was no suicide note but in my husband’s suicide not it was clearly mentioned the injustice happened to him and who did”.

Response of police and other politicians over this case

Mumbai police gave this statement that many union minister are among those who have condemned the are still as a reminder of there emergency when Indira gandi got cracked down on the Indian.

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Amit shah tweeted “this attack on free press must be and will be oppossed Congress and it’s allies have shamed democracy. Once again btatant misuse of state power against republic tv and arnab goswami in an attack on individual freedom and the 4th pillar of democracy.

Smriti irani tweeted ” Those in the free press who don’t stand up today in support of arnab you are now tactically in support of fascim you may not like him you may not approve of him you may despise him every existence but if you stay silent you support suppression, who speaks if you are next”.

Arnab told that he was manhandled and beaten up by the munai police, even a video was also released in which it shows clear that mumbai police was forcefully moving him from his Mumbai home. To all this allegations of mishandling sive sena replied that police can arrest the person if they have the proof against him.