The Journey From ” Ye Carry Kya Hota H” to 12.50 Lakh Question of Carryminati in Kbc 2020. Have a Look Ok Success of Carryminati

Ajey nagar who is known by name Carryminati showed what a success is. Carryminati carries 2.65 crore subscribers on you tube with 171 videos. Ajey nagar makes the trolling video on trending topic on internet and became the first you tube to cross these many subscribers. His one the most famous video is about trolling on TikTok app which got banned in India afee months back.

What kind of success we are talking In this article

Once the great Amitabh bachchan uploaded a gym selfue with his grandson which looked quite similar to ajay nager in appearance. A fam commented on the picture as ” Is that carryminati with you”, to which Amitabh responded “I’m with my grandson and ye carry kya hota h”.

Currently on the show of kaun banega crorepati season 12 which is hosted by Amitabh bachchan from start, a question appeared about the YouTuber carryminati. Soon after the episode got aired people congratulated Carryminati for creating this huge success where his sucess was seen by the question on a question answering show .

What was the question and who played the question

The episode was released on 4 November. Initially Rakhi rani was playing the game but soo¬† got eliminated on 12.50 lakh question as she answered it wrong. After that hardik patil appeared on the seat and easily answered the question upto 12.50 lakh rupees. On today’s episode (5 November) he will answere the question for 25 lakh.

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He was offered two questions on the you tube topic and one of them was on carryminati. The question was ” Which you tube stars real name is Ajay nager ” And the option were carryminati, technical guruji, geeky ranjith, ashkin. He answered the question right.

What was Carryminati’s response on question from KBC

He shared the same question from the show on his twitter handle and captioned it in a very funny reply as “B. Technical gurujii”. That means he was saying that the ajey nagar is the name if technical guruji.