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The House of Flowers Season 3 Release Date, Cast and Other News

La Case De Las Flores aka The House of Flowers is a drama series. It is a normal soap opera which people like to just watch for comfort. The show really focuses on some not-so talked about topics. For instance, elitism, domestic abuse, homophobia, racism and many other sensitive topics. The show is also available for the viewers on Netflix, which is pretty awesome.

The first season started back in 2018. The show has been doing really well among the audience and they seem to have fun watching the show.

The show really puts light on some sensitive topics and also some dark secrets. These are of the De la Mora fam. The second season of the series started in 2019 and now the fans want another season of the series. They are excited and are really bored during this time of quarantine. We have some information for you fans out there.

When is The House of Flowers Season 3 releasing?

Awesome News! The third season of this popular show will be out on 23rd April, 2020. You can watch the show on Netflix. However, there is some news for all the fans out there. The third season will be the final season of this show.

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Who is part of the cast in The House of Flowers Season 3?

Here are some of the cast members of this show’s third season. Isabel Burr plays the role of young Virgina. Aislinn Derbez, Cecilia Suárez, Paco León, and María León play the roles of Elena, Paulina, María José and Purificación Riquelme respectively. Juan Pablo Medina and David Ostrosky play the role of Diego Olvera and Dr. Cohen.

Luis de la Rosa plays the role of Bruno Riquelme. Isela Vega is Virginia’s mom. Norma Angelica and Paco Rueda play the role of Delia and El Chiquis. These all are part of the cast along with some more members.

The House of Flowers Season 3 : Watch the trailer!

Before the third season of The House of Flowers is released, here is the trailer for you to watch. Its not too long now. Hopefully, the show will end nicely and its fans will be left satisfied with what they got. The fans are excited and sad but it is all for the best.

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