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The Hollow season two on Netflix

The Hollow is an animated TV series of adventure genre. The Canadiabased series is directed by Josh Mepham and Greg Sullivan.

The first season aired on Netflix before two years. First episode of the series streamed on 8th June 2019 on Netflix.

The renewal of the show for second season has been announced on their official Twitter page in January 2019. After the announcement , the series was not in news about second season at all.

The first season gave the answers to mysteries. We saw all three kids returning back to the real world. In season two we might be watching more of their adventures.

What is it about ?

Story of three kids Adam, Kia and Mira who Wake up in a room with absolutely no previous memories about themselves . Slips with their names in their pockets are their only identities.

The show is about their journey after they emerge into a magical forests and try to find a way to get back to home. Each of then gets superpowers to overcome the obstacles in their way on every adventure.
The adventure of the follows by a magical iron tree who will help the trip to get home only if they get back it’s stolen branch . That branch has been used as a dangerous weapon – Ishibo.

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Adam believes that they are in a virtual game and it happens to be true when they emerge in the Game tournament after completing the tasks of the game.

When will the second season release ?

Rumoured date of release of second season is 12 July 2020. Making process of the show is in progress now and we expect it to finish by March 2020. We might actually see the series back on Netflix by July.

Is trailer out ?

There is no trailer for The Hollow season 2 yet. Only the teaser of second season is what we have got. The trailer might be out before June 2020. Let’s just wait and be updated about it.

What is the cast of the show ?

The voice cast of the show is quite amazing. We got to see Andrew Petrie as Adam ,Ashleigh Ball as Mira and Connor Parnall as Kia, the trio of the focus. Also the weird guy in the show has been played by Mark Hildreth and Nicole Oliver played Tree.