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The Hollow Season 2 Netflix Release, Cast, Plot and more

The Hollow is a Canadian series. Its genre is science, fantasy, adventure, mystery.

Creator – Vito Viscomi

 It first hit the screen on 8 June 2018. It only premieres on Netflix. We have a total of 10 episodes of the hollow in season 1.

Release date of The Hollow season 2

It was confirmed in 2019 only that the hollow is going to be renewed for its second season. According to some updates season, 2 will come on 12 July 2020. In case of any changes, it will be updated.

The plot of The Hollow season 2

This series revolves around three teenagers namely Adam, Kai, and Mira, when they awake,…they don’t remember anything about them and about others. They got some chits in their pockets in which their name was written. Then these people struggle very hard to find out what’s going on with them and how they can reach their home. Soon they realized they all had been showered with some supernatural powers which are different from each other and a weird guy warns them that they are stuck in a virtual reality game, and they had to exit the game as soon as possible. There is an exit button in the room from where they started …after struggling to many hurdles and trying very hard, they finally made to escape the game and was applauded by the audience for winning the game. But as soon as the opponent team wakes up, kai soon notices something strange in them …! To be continued 

Spoilers for the season 2 

The next season may take a turn as kai has seen some glitches in the eye of the opponent team, which looks strange. The team may play for the next level in the game in the next season and will come across different hurdles .., anything can happen.

Casts in The Hollow-

  • A.J. Abell, Valin Shinyei, and Sean Thomas  (set to assume the job of Miles)
  • Ashleigh Ball and Franciska Friede ( Mira)
  • Connor Parnall( Kai )
  • Adrian Petriw (Adam)

Stay tuned for more updates

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