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The Hollow Season 2: Here Is the Some Details We Know About It

This comedy-drama created by JOSH MEPHAM revolves around the idea of science and fantasy. This will probably get released on May 8, 2020. It has a complete list of ten episodes, and the previous season was released in July 2019.

The Plot of the Hollow Season 2

This whole science fantasy story is basically about the lives of ADAM, KAI, and MIRA, who starts the story with a twist. When they woke up one day, with no clue, they found their names written on a strip of paper. They were found with some weird abilities. Adam has super strength and agility. Mira was able to communicate with animals, and breath underwater ad can swim like a mermaid. Kai was a technical whiz, and she had the power to manipulate fire. They came across a strange character who was called WEIRD GUY.

The three trios were supposed to overcome the challenges and obstacles which this guy gave. Later on, they encounter another group of three girls. The story follows the fight between the girls and a dragon. The other three teen girls fought with them for Ishibo, a dangerous weapon.

Season 1 ended with 10 episodes whole with a mysterious concept, and the next season will probably follow the same storyline. This will reveal how the three girls dealt with a dream with magic portals, imaginary things, and much more.

Cast and Crew of the Hollow Season 2

Cast and Crew of the Hollothe Cast of Holow Season 2 Involves Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane, Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills, Orlando Jones as Capt. Frank Lrving, Katia Winter as Katrina Crane, Lynde Greenwood as Jenny Mills.W Season 2

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The Crew Includes -Tim Burton as Director, Andrew Kevin Walker as a Writer, Adam Schroeder as a Producer.