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The Haunting of Bly Manor Season 2: Release Date, Plot And Recap Check It Now

The first season of the Haunting of the Bly manor is known as haunting of the hill house. The series is based on supernatural powers, drama and haunted events.

The series is created by Mike Flanagan; the series is based on a novel that has the same name as the series. The novel is written by Shirley Jackson.

The director of the series is Mike Flanagan. In the first season, there are 10 episodes and the running time of each episode is 42-71 minutes.

The first season is released on the 12th of October in 2018.  The producer of the series is Dan Kaplow.

The executive producers of the series are Darryl Frank, Justin Falvey, Trevor Macy, and Meredith Averill.

Recap of season 1 of the series!!

The first season shows you the time of 1992 in which a family shifted to the hill house, the family is of 7 members, husband-wife and their 5 children.

They started feeling some strange things in the house, some haunted events. After facing these haunted things the family runs away from that house.

About the second season of the series!!

After the successful performance of the first season, season 2 of the haunting of the hill house is coming soon with a new name and that is the haunting of Bly manor.

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Everybody wants to know the releasing date of the second season. The second season is going too based on the story of 1898.

When the haunting of the Bly manor is going to release?

The news is that the haunting of the Bly manor will release in 2020, as we know that the first season of the series was released in October so many people are expecting that season 2nd will also come up in October.

As the official date is not announced by the creators so you will also expect it this October until the confirmed date was released.

Who will in the cast of the haunting of the Bly manor?

As the official cast of the season, 2 is not announced by the creators but there are some old faces which you can see in season 2nd like Oliver Jackson and Victoria Pedretti.

The new faces also added in season 2 which is going to be a surprise for you.

The plot of the upcoming season!!

The story of season 2 shows you a young girl who is a governess and shift to the Bly manor mansion for taking care of a boy who is an orphan.

After some time the governess started feeling strange with the boy and in the Bly manor.