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The gates foundation has a patent for Coronavirus is false

One of the leading voices one a timeline for Coronavirus vaccine is Bill Gates. According to the few Facebook users, the Billionaire Philanthropist stands for profit from one.
On April 20 this year a post was released on social media that claims that Gates has a connection to Coronavirus pandemic. This states that Bill Gates and his wife’s foundation have a patent for Coronavirus.

But after so many facts check this is proved that the claim was misleading and false the Gates foundation has no connection to the coronavirus pandemic. Their charity has no connection to a potential vaccine, the misleading fake news about the gates foundation has been circulated online with a motive to target him and his foundation.
This disinformation is circulated by share of a misleading viral post which is much similar to the previous hoaxes that have been seen about Coronavirus in month January. This is a conspiracy through online mode.
The video on Tik-Tok app claims that Russia has released lion to let people follow lockdown in fear of the wild animal, and this measure can help the government to fight Coronavirus pandemic by achieving successful lockdown.

According to this fake post which has claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to jail those who breaks the lockdown rule. So Putin has released eight hundred of lions and tigers on the street.
Misleading news was circulated on social media and went virus by a large number of shares. The report was about Democrats who are pushing microchips to fight against Coronavirus pandemic.

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But in reality, there is no such evidence about the implantation of a microchip or there is no such facts which prove the strategy of Democrats to fight the pandemic.
In all charts and graphs, the people are publishing about COVID-19 data that is not accurate and is disinformation. This misleading news about Coronavirus pandemic is highly circulated through online media.