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The Gaming Giant “Grand Theft Auto 4”: Returns To The Gaming Fore In Order To Shake Things Up.

The Gaming Console Franchise decided to re-release this extremely popular game on 19th March.

It was slated to release on Personal Computer, PlayStation and other devices.

The Announcement by Rockstar Games

Gamers had problems regarding the gameplay. On this basis, the franchise took such a decision.

The problems generally centered around multiplayer gaming.This was the premier franchise game, which increased the popularity of Rockstar Games. It became a household name.

Changes in the Features of the Game

The game has made certain subtle changes in the new complete edition of the game.The entertaining Multiplayer version of the game has been removed.

Thus the gamers can only play the game in Solo mode with the absence of leaderboard system.Absence of popular radio stations had also disappointed the gamers.

Process of Updating the Game

The process of updating the game to complete edition is complicated.

Stream Users, who previously played the game online, would have to re install the game completely.Original Owners of the game would have to install the new update.

People who bought original CD’s of the game can use the activation code behind the CD case.

WindowsLive Account holders can activate the game through their Social Club Account.

Reaction of the Gamers upon the news of Re-release

Fans of Action Gaming are extremely excited at this news.

GTA 4 has lifelike gameplay and smooth graphic qualities.This forms the basis of good gaming experience.

The Complete Edition gives access to a host of brand new features. They include better control and Pro active missions.

The Grand Theft Auto had previously released three versions- Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City.

The game developers are keeping their fingers crossed regarding the successful reception of the game.

So without further thinking, strap up your nostalgic boots and dive into the world of this exciting gaming franchise.

Old fashioned gamers would have a marvelous experience while playing. Hope the extreme hype generated by the game lives up to the expectations.

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