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The Fate of World War Z 2: Is the Movie Called off or Coming out Anytime Soon?

People seem to like zombie movies and for a couple of years, they have become a trend. Fans watch movies, tv shows and play video games with zombies in it. People like it so much that movie studios have started to make more of such movies. However, World War Z came out when this trend was in a starting phase. But people loved it. They loved it because it gave a unique feel. That is why, questions started that whether World War Z 2 will happen. Soon, it became true. However, its 2020 and we have not seen any trailer for the sequel. Is it even happening?

World War Z did well among the audience by receiving 7 on IMDB. Besides that, it got 66% on rotten tomatoes. Marc Forster directed it while Max Brooks was the writer who inspired the movie.

Release Date for World War Z 2

The creators for the first one announced that there will be a sequel due to the positive responses of the viewers. However, everyone believed that the production for World War Z 2 will start somewhere around 2018. But that did not happen. So far, there has been no announcement for the movie.

It can be assumed that they have not announced the sequel because of the ongoing pandemic. Even if they had started the production, it had to be stopped.

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World War Z 2: Cast for the movie

Since, there has been no official announcement, there is no info on the cast. However, there could be some actors who will be back for the sequel. For instance, Brad Pitt would be back as the main character in the movie. His on-screen wife could return. Mireille Enos plays the role of his wife.

World War Z 2: Expected Plot?

Okay, as there has been no official announcement or a trailer. We do not really have anything regarding the plot for the sequel. However, the movie will have a mix of horror and thriller genres. Other than that, we have no clue regarding the story for the movie. When the trailer is released, we will get to know much more about the story. Even a poster would really help to give us some hints.