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The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: New Behind The Scenes Footage From The Sets, Anthony Mackie And Sebastian Stan Giving Some Valentine’s Day Advice From The Sets Of Their Film

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan provided some vibes on Valentine Day from the set of The Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier. Stan and Mackie are currently performing on the Disney+ series which is ready to debut this summer.

However, today may be a big day for tons of individuals who are going to be going out with their friends or significant others, and Stan, alongside Mackie, believes they have some tips to assist the day go a touch smoother.

A new surprise on Valentine.

“This Valentine Day, here are a few things from a few of men,” Sebastian Stan says to start out the video message. It appears that he and Anthony Mackie are close to lay some ground rules for the day. 

Mackie steps in and states, “Rule One: First, confirm to offer a present rather than accepting. That makes you an honest person.” Stan comes in with subsequent vital rule. Stans declares, “Rule Two: be yourself. Always and forever. With anyone and everyone.”

However, right before he hits stop, you’ll audibly hear him say, “f**k.” the 2 appear to be they’ll are put up by Marvel Studios or Disney to deliver their Valentine’s Day message to the masses.

Enjoy the season

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everybody, even married couples. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are currently shooting The Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier and doubtless have zero interest within the day, or even they are doing. Who knows? 

Regardless, they’re on set to urge the show done so we will all see it on time in August. Stan and Mackie are fixing the time now so as to please the rabid MCU fanbase.

Marvel shows streaming soon

The Falcon and therefore the Winter Soldier is merely one among the various Marvel shows coming to Disney+ within the coming months. In the fall, WandaVision will premiere, then in spring 2021, the Loki series arrives. Marvel’s What If? 

While Disney+ and chill doesn’t really have an equivalent ring thereto as Netflix and chill does, they’re performing on getting more content to permit that Valentine Day chilling to go down. For now, we’ll just need to accept Netflix. 


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