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The Expanse Season 5 : Plot, Cast, Release Date and Streaming Details. Is there a trailer of The Expanse Season 5?

The Sci fi series by Alcon Entertainment has gone through the cancellation and the resurrection before and it is renewed now for fifth season. First aired on syfy and now airs on Amazon prime video.

The series based on the novel ‘Expanse’ written by James S. A. Corey which involves the world colonised in solar system. For first three season , the series was premiered on Syfy and it was cancelled. Then again the series revived for fourth season but aired on Amazon Prime.

Release date of 5th season

First season of the series was aired on syfy on 23rd November 2015. After 5 years, the series will continue with fifth season though the series was cancelled in May 2018. After Amazon Prime revived the series of 4th season which aired on 12th December 2019. Amazon Prime ordered the series for it’s 5th season on 27th July 2019.

Looking at the yearly release pattern of the series, it will hit the screen in December 2020 probably as filming has already ended in February.

Plot of the series

In the world of the show, solar systems has been colonised. There are lives on other planets. The series centralised around the antiheros of the world – United Nations of Earth, the Martian Congressional Republic on Mars, and the Outer Planets Alliance (OPA).

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Rocinante and it’s crews works to maintain the world peace and human survival by raveling the conspiracies to destroy it. We might see the Nemesis games in fifth season as per the books. Though their is no official trailer out yet, there are very little insights of the plot of the fifth season.


The series is directed by Breck Eisner and Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby are the developers of the series.

We will see Thomas Jane playing Joe Miller, Steven Strait playing James Holden, Cas Anvar playing Alex Kamaland Dominique Tipper in the role of Naomi Nagata. Amos Burton will. E played by Wes Chatham.