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The Europa Awards : Everything You Should Know Related to Votes, Workshops Pitched , Networking and Others

Mostly all awards are for those who really put in their efforts and people saw it. As the years have passed, there are a huge number of awards which are given to people for different things. People know about the popular ones such as, Oscar, Emmy, etc but there are some other types of awards. Most people do not know about them as the awards for movie and tv shows are more popular. But some are very well known, for instance, The Europa Awards.

What are The Europa Awards?

Most people might not know about this and that is why I am here to help you. These awards are for Start-ups from Europe. The awards are only for the people who worked hard and put in the best effort in their respective fields. Many people achieved this honour by honing their talents and then using it to progress. The Europa Awards are for such people and they happen every year.

How will the organizers plan it this year?

As we all know, it is going to be pretty hard for people to plan an award event. Due to the ongoing lockdowns all over the world, especially Europe, it is impossible to bring people together. However, this year’s awards will be much special as they will go online. The date you should mark is June 25th 2020. Everything will be done online including judging.

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The authorities will take the start-ups to attend workshops. The number of these workshops is 20 and it will span out according to the award categories. These selected start-ups will do their pitch by the comfort of not going anywhere.

How should you apply?

Out of the many things they are already doing, there are some more. People can apply more easily due to availability of online network. However, the people who are applying should do so before April 24th 2020. Only 500 people will be allowed to attend.

How will the Voting System and Networking work?

Public will be allowed to vote from May 4th 2020 to May 17th 2020. The shortlisted candidates will be announced and notified on May 25th 2020. The pitches for the awards will begin from May 26th 2020 and end on May 17th 2020.
Besides that, the winners will be announced on June 25th 2020 and the awards which will be distributed, are going to be virtual.

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