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The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Release Date, Cast, Plot and What’s Happening Now in This ?

Who does not love a fresh burst of Anime? Animated TV series have always had their fair share of viewers and admirers alike. Among the many that premiered on Netflix, Dragon Prince was the one very popular. Last season of this show was released in September 2019. After its release, it was quite critically and commercially appreciated globally.

Characters were very impressive completely in sync with arc and dimension of the story. Set in an imaginary landscape, it brings out the various facets of nature and beauty around it. The portray of computer graphics and other mechanics is very impressive with expert DOP working on the project. Comics of these TV shows were written with great detail and care about the concept.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Plot Details

Plot for the story is set in a beautiful imaginary parallel landscape. In here, the elements of nature like Human, Animals and Beasts exist very peacefully. All of them live in perfect harmony with each other in the land of Xandia. However all hell breaks lose, when human beings start evolving their species. They get hold of mystic and magical powers which help them to become the masters of the universe. Instead of using them for the good of the world, they only look for their own welfare and benefit.

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Turning against these beasts, they try to remove them from the earth. That’s when the conflict starts and everything turns to warfare and bloodshed. After all these incidents, humans are exiled from the land of Xandia. They are separated by a river called Lava, which forms a border for their piece of land. However the insatiable hunger for dominance in human beings get the better of them. In Season 4 we will definitely see the humans waging war against the dragons for supremacy.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Cast Members Returning

Major cast members will all remain the same. Principal character would again be the 14 year old Callum, one who has unlimited potential of dark magic. He will be assisted by Rayla, 15 year old witch who again is very proficient in the use of spells. Their friend, 10 year old Tarzan has the ability to talk with animals and communicate with them.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Release Date

No release date for the release has yet been decided. However since the filming activities are all complete, the show might be having a late 2020 release. But the specific date of release has still not been decided by the directors and producers.