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The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Premiere Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Other Exciting Details You Should Know

The Dragon prince is a Netflix original animated comedy series developed by Netflix in 2018. So far the series has received positive comments from its fans and viewers. The series revolves around a mystic land of magic where the magical superpower comes from six primal sources however as human created a seventh one which is also known as dark magic as that time the human started to capture unique magical creatures which they needed as ingredients.

So far the series has aired only three seasons and now they are moving towards a fourth one for which fans are eagerly waiting.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Release Date

As per the reports the show has been renewed for season four however still there is no information available for the upcoming season, fans can still expect the new season to arrive somewhere in 2020 however fans shouldn’t keep their hopes high at this point of time as most of the series are getting delayed due to the Corona Pandemic so there is a huge possibility that this show might get delay if situation worsen.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Plot

So far after watching the episodes we got a clear idea that this show is based on a magical land named Nadia where humans are facing difficulties in holding the power, so far there is not much information available about the season four plot however the makers of the show had made a statement about the plot.

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”The target of mending and revamping the world can be a tough one, and notably a tough one when Aaravos, who might have been considered one of the puzzling powers which pushed the world into this circumstance, presently is by all accounts on the cusp of returning or making an attempt to return to the world.”

The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Cast

Few previous cast will be returning for the new season like Jack DeSena (Callum), Sasha Rojen (Ezran) etc. apart from that Racquel Belmonte will be playing the role of a sixteen-year-old girl Claudia.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 : Trailer

So far there is no trailer available in the internet however if everything goes according to the plan fans can expect a trailer very soon.