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The Disney Family Singalong 2 Your Mother and Mine Here We Know so Far

The Disney Family Singalong: Volume 2 consists of the various Classic Disney songs. Many singers come together to sing these songs. In this singing program, the singers will sing the cover songs of The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Hercules and many more. The Disney Family Singalong: Volume 2 includes the performances of Katy Perry, John Legend, and Shakira.

The Disney Family Singalong: Volume 1 is streaming now on Disney plus. Volume 2 will add more new exciting performances. This will make viewers feel happy and joyful during the lockdown. The first volume of Disney Family Singalong took place on 16th April streaming on ABC. It becomes so popular and there was a total of 10.6 million viewers of Singalong: volume 1.

How to Watch Disney Family Singalong: Volume 2?

You can watch Disney Family Singalong: Volume 2 online on the ABC’s website. This Singalong aired on a special day, Mother’s Day. It was released on May 10, 2020, on ABC. The show was hosted by Ryan Seacrest. Singalong: volume 2 is streaming on Disney plus from May 12, 2020. Disney plus has millions of subscribers and the viewers of the Singalong show will increase to a greater extent.

The Performances in the Singalong: Volume 2 :

The first performer was Idina Menzel and Ben Platt, who sang the song, named, ” The Whole New World”.  Hasley sang the song. ” Part of Your World”. The song ” Hakuna Matata ” was sung by Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner feat. Donald Glover and Walter Russell III. John Legend and Jennifer Hudson performed the song ” Beauty and the Beast”. The song “Baby Mine” was performed by Katy Perry. Rebel Wilson sang the song ” Poor Unfortunate Souls “. ” Remember Me ” was performed by Miguel feat Christina Aguilera. The two songs, namely, ” Step in Time ” and ” Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ” were sung by Derek Hough, Julianne Hough, and Hayley Erbert. The famous performer Shakira sang the song ” Try Everything “. The song ” When I am older ” was sung by John Gad. The performer, named, Sabrina Carpenter feat. Lang Lang sang the song ” Your Mother and Mine “.

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The performer Katy Perry was pregnant and she sang the song ” Baby Mine “. Her baby girl is on way to come into this world. She sang the famous song from the 1941 animated Classic Dumbo.

The main moto is Disney Family Singalong was to raise funds for the American people. This organization served many people who were affected by the novel COVID-19 pandemic. The organization also provided food and essential things to the needy people during the period of social distancing and lockdown. The earnings of this show will ai to increase the funds for the COVID-19 people. It is the great way to contribute towards the needy people.