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The Destiny 2 Season 11 Any Confirmed Release Date, Plot and Upcoming News

“Destiny 2”, This game has remained one of the most famous shooting games of all time. So, far it has released about 10 seasons but now it seems that they are about to release Season 11 and here’s what everything you need to know about.

The game was first released on Xbox One and PS4 and then it was released on Windows. All of that happened within the year of 2017. At first, this game was under Activision but in 2019, the game is under Bungie.

The Destiny 2 Season 11 What Can We Expect??

The upcoming season is still didn’t got any official date of release but we can expect the upcoming season to be released within the year of 2020. The season 10 of the series was released on June 9, 2020.

The date of release could be delayed due to the pandemic which has become quite a problem in our hands.

The upcoming season could bring a lot of new things which include a new storyline and by the looks of it, It seems that the story of Season 10 was all about Rasputin but in Season 11, we are going to have Pyramids as the centre of attraction.

The game is also going to give us some new features in the upcoming season but none of that has been announced and the fact that the whole thing is going to remain a secret for a while.

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The whole console could be getting a good amount of modification which means that the lagging part of the series is going to become down to a minimum and definitely, the graphics are about to be getting higher.

Most of It Is Still Blurred

Other than that, The storyline is pretty much blurred and the fact that the gaming company has changed a lot of things since it has changed its publisher from Activision to Bungie.

So, Let’s wait for the time being to make sure that the whole thing. So, that we could be able to savour every part of it.