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The Dark Pictures New Game: Little Hope Release Date and Trailer Are Out, Here’s Everything About the Game

If you have loved the game Man of Medan, then you are surely going to get excited about this new game. Continuing their game series, “The Dark Pictures Anthology : Little Hope” is a sequel addition to the game. This dark horror – mystery game has been making some waves among the keen onlookers as the previous game became a huge hit among the gaming masses.

The Anthology series is being published by Supermassive Games and developed by Namco Bandai Games America Inc. We have covered all the information about the game in this blog. Read to know more.

Release Date of the Little Hope Game

The makers recently released a little teaser video on many digital platforms about the game and the release date. The Dark Pictures Anthology : Little Hope will release on June 15, 2020. It will be available on PlayStation 4, XBOX One and Microsoft Windows.

Is It a Free Game or a Paid Game?

Players have to purchase the game from the official website of the game. The price for the standard edition of the game is supposed to be $30. The game’s official site has announced the pre – order service for the gamers to get an early access.

The Dark Pictures New Game: Little Hope Plot and Storyline

The Dark Pictures Anthology : Little Hope follows around a bunch of college students and their professor who are stuck at a very small and remote town called Little Hope. They were on their way to some other destination, when out of nowhere, their bus crashes, leaving them stranded in an isolated and inhabited town, known as Little Hope. Players will be able to play among the five characters and try their best to survive this haunted town and find a path to their escape.

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More Games Coming up in the Anthology Game Series

Supermassive Games have already announced that they will be having an eight game series of this Anthology series. With one game already launched and the other one coming out very soon, fans are very much excited to see what the studios have for them to offer in the future.