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The Dark Crystal : Age of Resitence, Returns With Season 2: Get to Know All Information About the Release Date, Trailer and Expectations

Science Fiction epic drams have always been a fan favorite. Considering the fact that the viewers are mostly teenagers, this genre in particular draws a lot of attention. Films like Avatar and Jurassic Park have been the biggest exponents of this genre. With enhanced computer graphics and visual effects, these have become a rage among public. In recent times however, directors have focused on making televised Adaptations to Anime novels. This step of theirs has been extremely successful with the viewership becoming higher than ever.

One such TV show which has gathered momentum in the last 2 years is The Dark Crystal. With a thrilling plot and a gripping storyline, it has become extremely popular among the younger generation. Video games have also been made after direct adaptations from the contents of this web series. Second season of the show is on the cards now. Fans are excited and looking forward to the second season.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Season 2: Plot

This is an adventure epic fantasy game. It basically involves a storyline where the world is on the brink of catastrophic destruction. Three Gelfing’s are entrusted with the responsibility of saving it. Unleashing the fire of rebellion, they would wage war against the dark forces. The malevolent skeksis would use all his might to defeat the forces of Gelfing. Characters here embark on a journey of self discovery with lots of adventure in their path. Danger laden roads and unknown enemies make their journey even more arduous.

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The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Season 2: Cast Members

An ensemble cast and crew members makes the storyline even more fascinating. Actors like Taron Edgarton, Anna Taylor Joy, Nathanie Emmanuel and Donna Kimball will reprise their roles. Some exciting new additions are to be made to the existing list of cast members. However actual details about this is not disclosed as of yet. We would get to know in a considerable period of time.

The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Season 2: Release Date

First season of the show released in 2019 with 8 episodes. It was commercially declared a super hit with many people re watching it time and again. Second season is expected to arrive in 2021. However the exact time window and timeframe is yet unknown. No news is being published now due to the cloud of uncertainty spread by Coronavirus. But it is expected that some details would soon arrive. Stay tuned to our website in order to get the news first hand.