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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Season 2 The Fantasy and Adventure web series will be released on Netflix??

All about The Dark Crystal web Series.

The Dark Crystal : Age of resistance is an American fantasy web series with lots of adventure and twists produced by Netflix and The Jim Henson Company, directed by Louis Leterrier. This series is a prequel to the film by Jim Henson in 1982, The Dark Crystal. The series was firstly premiered on August 30, 2019. Comprising of the Fantasy and Adventure Genre and 10 episodes, it has been one of the most positive reviews gaining series! Sason 1 was loved a lot a fans are eagerly waiting for Season 2 as well which release date has not yet announced by Netflix.
It has brought its Puppet-Filled world to life, The Skeksi is a puppet and its appearence is familiar with the original film.
Talking about the original film, which was created by Jim Henson with co-direction of frank Oz, gtossed over $40 million on a $16 million budget and has been one of the highest grossing puppet animated films of all time, particularly for its domestic gross.

Plot of season 2 ( The Dark Crystal : Age of Resistance)

From the first season we can conclude that Tiffling has emerged as the winner of his stone in a wood fight but hasn’t won against skies. The war was quickly ruled in favor of scissors,at the end of the season, it happened because of the weapon created by a scientist. The crazy weapon was named as Garthim which derived its power from the Epic Dark Crystal. Due to this, “Garthim war” took place. If you want to watch each and every details then you must watch season 1 as well.
Here is a brief plot to let you understand season 1
Season 1is the action adventure that takes place on three Gelfling named Rian (Egerton), Brea(Dinean), and Deet(Emanuel). When the series start, the world of the Thra is dying and the heart of the Thra is the Crystal of truth which contains in ineffable power. After the evil Skeksis damage it, illness infect the land. Rian, Brea and Deet discover the secret of the Evil’s power and teach the people to Rebel against the forces of Emperor Skekso, the brutal rular of Thra.

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Cast and Netflix Renewal status

Netflix US tweeted about using more than 170 puppets, creating over 70 different species and bringing them to life by 83 puppeteers and 59 voice artists. In total, more than 2,500 people worked on the 10 episodes of season 1.
Well the season 2 has not been announced yet but fans are excited to see their favourite characters. The main characters, Taron Egorton as Rian, Nathalie Emanuel as Deet and Anya Taylor-Joy as Brea are already back. Fans are hoping to see actors like Theo James, Natalie Dormer Toby Jones, Caitriona Balter, Mark Strong, Shazad Latif, Eddic Izzard, and Harries Dickinson.


It is difficult to predict whether Netflix will cancel or renew The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance for 2nd season.
The team of the series has done a great job during season 1 and Netflix really outdid themselves with the series which dropped on August 30th, 2019. The efforts of puppeteers and actors, directors and writers was fantastic.It gained lots of fans and subscribers!! After watching season 1, it was evident that there was enough story to cover a season.
Although the series co-creators Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews have given hints through their statements. Netflix hasn’t announced any news related to the release of the series , Still there’s a lot of hopes for the second season!
Hence, Netflix Renewal Status for the second season of The Dark Crystal:The Age of Resistance : Pending(potential release date Date – 2021)