The CW Just Spoiled Batwoman’s Arrowverse Return

Javicia Leslie as Batwoman

The Flash Season 9’s third episode featured Javicia Leslie’s Arrowverse return as the Red Death, but a new promo image from The CW may have also spoiled the actress’ comeback as Batwoman in the next installment. 

Javicia Leslie Returns as Arrowverse’s Batwoman 

The first promo for The Flash Season 9, Episode 4 showed a scene where Candice Patton’s Iris West-Allen is opening her apartment door to an unknown visitor:

The CW

The scene mentioned is at the 0:15 mark of the video below:

The CW then released a brand-new promo image of Javicia Leslie’s appearance as Ryan Wilder in The Flash Season 9 Episode 4, confirming that the Arrowverse’s Batwoman will show up in the upcoming installment:

Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder, The Flash
The CW

The image above indicated that Iris’ visitor is Ryan Wilder since it showed her with another person who closely resembles Patton’s Arrowverse character. 

It is unknown if the version of Ryan Wilder that visits Iris is the Arrowverse’s Batwoman or if it’s Ryan’s doppelganger from another Earth who is portraying Red Death. 

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