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The Crown Season 4 – when it is going to release, cast, plot and other details.

Historical drama fans will rejoice as The Crown has been renewed for a season 4 and even for a season 5!! The Crown traces the reign of Queen Elizabeth || from the day she weds till the modern times. It covers many events that took place in the history of England. It has several other characters which are embedded in history and can be amusing to those who love the historical theme. The series was inspired by the stage play ‘The Audience’ and was created by Peter Morgan.

Let’s see what we know about season 4!

Release date of The Crown 4

The first, second and the third season were released on Netflix on 2016, 2017 and 2019 respectively. But the date of 4th season is still under works. The makers assured that the new season will surely win hearts. And it may take some time to do this work. There was a shift in the release date for season 3 when the two major actors resigned. It had a gap of almost 2 years. So we anticipate the fourth season to be at the end of 2020.

Plot of The Crown Season 4

The epilogue of season 3 was pretty interesting. It concluded with Harold Wilson’s advent at Drowning Street and the Aberfan Disaster in Wales which took 144 lives.
The fourth season will cover up from the year 1977 to 1990. It will show Margaret Thatcher and her period of rule. It will also present Lady Diana Spencer. The series will also introduce Prince William and Prince Harry.
The 5th season will show the Queen’s reign in the early years of the 21st century. This epic series will show the royal monarchy at its best.

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Cast of The Crown season 4

The main cast will remain the same for season 4. It will star Olivia Colman as ‘Queen Elizabeth ||’, Josh O’Connor as ‘Prince Charles’, Erin Doherty as ‘Princess Anne’ and Helena Bonham Carter as ‘Princess Margaret’.
With the new appearance in the series we will see new characters of Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana.
Gillian Anderson has signed to the role of ‘Minister Margaret Thatcher’ and Emma Corrin will be seen as ‘Lady Diana Spencer’.

Season 4 will be less historical as we go into the modern times. But it would surely be an epic season for the audience. And yes!! we may also see the sparkling chemistry of Prince Harry and Megan Markle in season 5!!!

Stay tuned for updates.