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The Crown Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need to Know

Netflix released the third season of The Crown back on 19th November, 2019. Besides that, there was even more great news regarding the show. It was that The Crown season 4 is coming and its production has already started.

Fans have been loving the British-drama TV series. Netflix seems confident enough that they renewed the show right when the third season began.

When asked about the fourth season of The Crown, Josh O’Connor told, in an interview that they are doing the production. Besides this, they had already filmed some episodes and are very exciting for the other episodes.

However, we don’t know whether the production was completely done or not. The ongoing pandemic must have put a stop on the production. The release date for the fourth season was supposed to be in 2020. However, it could now be changed to somewhere in 2021.

Cast of The Crown Season 4

Most of the main characters and their actors will return for another season. For instance, Tobias Menzies will play the role of Prince Philip. Josh O’ Connor and Olivia Colman will play the roles of Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II, respectively. Besides them, Erin Doherty will play the role of Princess Anne.

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There is no information on whether there will be new cast members. However, it is certainly possible for that to happen.

Plot of The Crown Season 4

The series has been moving quite in the timeline. It is expected to move even more ahead in this season. Peter Morgan has been quite on the fact as to how long will the time-jump be or even if it will happen or not.

Some people are expecting that the upcoming season will start in the year 1990. At the end of the third season, it was the year 1977.

The Times has reported that during this season, we will see some disagreements. They will involve Margaret Thatcher. Besides this, we also got to know about what these conflicts will be for. For example, Falkland’s War in the year 1982, Apartheid in South Africa, and a few others.  Certainly, we can expect a whole lot more for the upcoming season.

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