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The Country of Alaska Use Contact Tracing as a Method to Get Rid of Coronavirus

Health officials are really considered about this coronavirus pandemic in the country of Alaska. Every single time a new case drops out, a small army of nurses join hands together and launch public health investigation. This is known as contact tracing.

In Alaska, more than 300 people have gone through contact Tracing who were tested positive for the virus.

What Actually Is Contact Tracing ?

Contact tracing includes investigation about the patient. Knowing about all close human contact created by infected person during infectious time. Also creating a timeline containing details about their regular life to recognise the people who are in a need of self quarantine. This is all done to arrest the root of transmission who spread the virus. It is a heavy detailed work consisting of questioning to strangers for hours through phone calls.It is considered as one of the best methods to prevent coronavirus.

Contact tracing is a tool which can help in tracing a number of diseases. Even before coronavirus, the epidomlogics used to perform this. Nurses ask various questions from person about his sickness. And then they ask the patient to recall everybody they met in these few days. A list of questions is asked from the patient to determine timeline of patient.

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How Is It Useful?

This measure can be used to find the root of almost all disease, from measles to even coronavirus now. This therapy is really useful. This therapy might take hours to remember the history for a patient but it ends up finding the cause where the transmission started of virus. A patient is asked about history of previous 14 days which is somehow difficult to remember but not impossible. It adds up in information about the start of virus.

More countries are trying to use this measure in order to get rid of the pandemic. This measure is one of the most useful ones.