The Conners season 5 episode 17 spoilers: Playing the lottery

The Conners season 5 episode 17 spoilers: Playing the lottery

If you are interested in learning more about The Conners season 5 episode 17 leading into it airing, there are a few things to point out.

Where do we start? Well, simply with the fact that there is something more airing next week! This isn’t something that was guaranteed, especially given how far into the season we already are. It’s true that season 5 has 22 episodes, more than any other season to date; yet, there is still probably a hiatus coming at some point between now and the finale. Go ahead and prepare for that.

While ABC has not released a whole buffet of details from episode 17 (titled “The Contra Hearings and The Midnight Gambler”), there are at least a few different things that we know already. Take, for starters, that we’re going to see some characters fighting for something more in their lives — even if their goals are small.

Go ahead and check out the synopsis below:

Mark fights for a spot in the Lanford High chamber orchestra. Elsewhere, Jackie puts a lottery machine in the Lunch Box.

We should go ahead and note that a lottery machine is of course the sort of thing that is ripe for comedy. These things often have huge places in small towns, where people often view this as a golden ticket to something bigger. We’ll have to see exactly how things play out here, but rest assured that we are excited to find out! There’s also some other character-specific stuff that we’re interested in learning more about, especially for Harris given some of the recent developments in her life.

Are we going to get news on a season 6 renewal soon?

We hope so, but we saw that knowing that negotiations for this show in particular can take a long time. We do think it will be back, but we may not know for sure until either April or May.

Is there anything that you especially want to see moving into The Conners season 5 episode 17 over on ABC?

Be sure to let us know in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back — there are other updates coming that we don’t want you to miss. (Photo: ABC.)