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The Conjuring 3 Latest Premiere Date of Third Part and Scare All the Fans

With the recent release of Annabelle and Nun, it seems like the Conjuring Universe is not going to stop soon, constantly they have produced some chilling nerve movies. The Conjuring Universe first released their movie in 2013 “The conjuring,” which was based on the real story of Ed and Lorraine’s experience with their success in the first part the universe started to develop more movies like Annabelle, Nun, the curse of La Llorona, etc.

So Far, the Movies Have Been Exposed to Positive Feedback, and Fans Are Eagerly Waiting for Another Movie.

The Conjuring 3: Release Date

Conjuring three was on the line way back in 2017 however during that time the franchise hasn’t decide anything about the release date however we got the information in 2018 when the producer of the film Peter Safran revealed the details about the conjuring part three, and as per the reports, the shooting was started in 2019 itself so fans can expect the release of the movie on time.

As per the scheduled date, the movie is set to hit the theater by September 11, 2020, however, though it an official date but still fans shouldn’t put their hopes high as everything will depend on the prevailing situation of the world.

The Conjuring 3: Cast

As most of the conjuring movies are based on the real story of Ed and Lorrain Warren so it is sure that Patrick Wilson will return as Ed Warren and Vera Farmiga as Lorrain Warren apart from that Shannon Kook, Sterling Jerins, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Charlene Amoia, Ruairi O’Connor, Bonnie Aarons, Julian Hilliard, etc.

Surely fans can expect a new ghost in the upcoming movie.

The Conjuring 3: Plot

So far the plot of the movie has been kept secret and no wonder why they kept it secret because if they reveal the plot to the public then the suspense will be gone and without suspense, a horror movie cannot survive and especially Conjuring universe movies that purely depend on thrill and suspense.

However, by looking at the name of the movie and also by reading the report presented by Bloody Disgusting, it is believed that the story will revolve around a man who is on trial for murder who claimed to be possessed by a demon. Still, fans should wait for the movie to come before looking for the story.

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