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The Chronicles of Narnia Season 1 Cast, Trailer and Is There Any Release Date ?

Netflix bought the rights for all the Chronicles of Narnia books back in 2018. The legendary saga written by CS Lewis will be yet seen again soon. This time on as a part of Netflix which would probably turn those book sets to a TV Series.

The past movies were a huge hit among the fans, so there’s no doubt that the series will be immensely popular. Stories are going to get more long and detailed. Are there any updates on this series lets find out. 

When Will the Debut Season Release?

There is not an announcement about the production of the Narnia series. It will only be disappointing to keep any expectation for the release of the series as we don’t even have any reliable news about the same. Let’s wait and see if we will get any announcement after the pandemic is over because the director Joe Johnston had previously hinted about a possible shooting date in the latter part of 2018.

Who Might We Get to See in The Chronicles of Narnia Season 1 ?

There is not any news about anything regarding the series until now, except the fact that we might get one on the streaming service. So it would be interesting to see whether they hire the cast from the movies which were great in their respective roles, or we will get a full new cast of actors who will be the new face of the epic saga. 

The movies featured William Moseley, Anna Popplewell, Skandar Keynes, Georgie Henley and Will Poulter as the child members while Liam Neeson voiced the Lion, Tilda Swinton was seen as the white witch and Ben Barnes as the Prince Caspian.

The Chronicles of Narnia Season 1 : What Might Be the Storyline?

The original book set of The Chronicle of Narnia consisted of seven books. So we might expect at least one season from each book. That would belong, but the audience will love it no doubt. Earlier we have witnessed the three movies for the series. Therefore Netflix might start from the fourth one or it might start fresh. We would get to see the movies again but this time with more detail. Till now there isn’t even a confirmed source who might confirm our assumptions. But the buzz around the series has been the main reason for us to look after any potential leaks. We’ll let you know if any further details are dropped after the pandemic passes. 

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