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The chef show will be airing Tomorrow on Netflix!

The chef show is coming back on Netflix with amazing hosts and their super delicious journey .

Chef show is created , directed  produced and written by Jon Favreau .
Also the show featured Korean star chef Roy Choi as the co host and co producer with Jon.

In 2014, Jon Favreau featured in a movie Chef. The movie was about his journey as struggling chef and his experiences in exploration of culinary world. The TV series Chef Show is slightly based on the Movie ‘Chef’.

The show is produced by Fairview entertainment and streams on Netflix.

On June 7 ,2019 first season of the show went on air while second season on 30th September,2019.

Third season will be out tomorrow.

What is the Plot of the show?

The chef show is a documentary directed by Favreau. It shows the journey of hosts in United States where they travel around to cook delicious food, meet different chefs or explore famous delicacies around the world.

The show featured many famous personas in the Field of food , entertainment and artists. In previous seasons they have dined with start cast of Avengers in Atlanta. They experienced smoking brisket with Aron Franklin in Texas. While they met the famous Food critic Jonathan Gold in   Los Angeles.

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Cast of the show

The show is hosted by two impressive personalities.
Jon Favreau is the brain behind the Show. He is also famous for his works for Iron man, avengers , Lion King, the jungle book etc. He also acted in few movies like chef , wolf of wallstreet , star wars and also appeared in TV show ‘Friends’.

The Korean chef , Roy Choi who is famous for his Korean-Mexican Fusion cuisine. He was part of David Chang’s Ugly Delicious and vise versa. The chef is famous for his gourmet taco truck in kogi.
Along with ugly delicious, he was part of Broken Bread’, ‘The Burger Show’, ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate’, ‘Top Chef’, ‘I’ll Have What Phil’s Having’ and ‘Binging with Babish’.
Choi is also author of ‘L.A. Son: My life, My city, My food’

Anni Johnson with Favreau has co produced the show.

The Host duo will be back in third season.

Release date

The show will be streaming on Netflix on 19th February 2020.

Is trailer out ?

Yes, the trailer is out and you can check it out on the link below.