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The BTS Army Is Doing a Good Work So Papa Mochi Have a Little Gift for Them

The BTS has truly been one of the biggest musical sensations of the last century. Out of complete obscurity, this group of seven boys has become a global phenomenon. Seven boys from South Korea started this band. Many of their songs have now achieved cult status with their legions of fans. They call themselves to be members of the BTS Army. BTS has also been involved with many philanthropic ventures over the last few years. Some of them are mentioned below for your understanding.

UNICEF and Donation works

BTS has been actively involved with UNICEF’s Love Yourself campaign. This was an anti-violence campaign. They promoted the normal human sentiment of not giving way to violence and solving issues with a stroke of a smile on their faces. In their journey, they met many survivors of cyberbullying who were absolutely delighted upon seeing them. Since the first day, the band has maintained that childish status. Claiming that they are just another group of boys from South Korea who want to make good music for their fans. The BTS also undertakes several Donation and Charity endeavors. Suga, the lead of this group, has donated close to $100 million to charities and non-voluntary organizations for the welfare of children’s safety. Other members of the band have also contributed their bit to the philanthropic ventures.

Who Is Papa Mochi and What Is Their Relationship With Him?

James Corden has been one of the prime supporters of the group. He has invited them so many times on his late-night show to perform. Recently BTS shot a carpool karaoke where they also included James. Jimin is a popular member of the BTS. Due to his chubby cheeks, he is also referred to as Mochi. James had a hilarious conversation with him and the other members. Then they decided that they would call James Papa Mochi for his concern towards Jimin. Since then, it has become a Twitter rage with people constantly tweeting about the recent developments of the karaoke video.

Whose songs did the BTS cover?

In the carpool karaoke, BTS sang some of their most popular and successful songs. Along with that, they also have sung songs from albums by artists. They include Cardi B, Bruno Mars and Post Malone.

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