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The Boys Season 3 Cast and Plot Might Be Better This Time as per Sources

In a genre dominated by the two biggest comic franchises in the history of professional entertainment, Marvel and DC one is sure to lose his balance even if a single mistake is made. However, The Boys, on the other hand, has carved out a place highlighted by its dark themes and the propensity to show superheroes in a negative light and has garnered much praise. It has received critical acclaim for the first season of the show. The fact that superheroes could be as vile, as vicious and as naive as their earth counterparts have added a completely different angle to the story. There has been a lot of excitement generated for Season 2 of the show which has not even premiered on Amazon Prime. What is more baffling is that a Season 3 is on the cards as well.

The Boys Season 3: Plot

There is not much information available about the plot of Season 3. It will completely depend on the kind of story that is supposed to meander to at the ends of the 2nd season. The ending would determine the storyline for Season 3. However, a look into the first season does give us an idea that it will definitely be about more personal inner conflict and clashes between the Boys and the Seven. It would not be surprising if we see our Boys or our Seven members sacrificing their lives for the greater cause of standing by their ideologies. Season 3 is definitely going to be more gruesome and violent as is evident from the first season of the show.

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The Boys Season 3: Release Date

There is no specific information about when Season 3 is going to release. Till now the episodes concerning Season 2 are not out yet. Only after we see a second season can we confirm when Season 3 of the show will be out. Production and Filming schedules have suffered wide-scale damage due to the impact of the Pandemic. The filming is supposed to end sometime around late 2021. This it is possible that we might see Season 3 of the show in early 2022.

The Boys Season 3: Cast Details

Not many changes in the cast members list are expected as of now. No confirmation has been received about the actors who would be featuring in Season 3. However, the three characters around whom the story revolves will definitely return. Karl Urban is set to play the role of rogue American former marine Billy Butcher. Anthony Starr will play the role of Homelander, the leader of Seven. While Jack Quaid will be playing a titular character in Hughie Campbell.