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The Blacklist Season 8, Release Date, Cast, Plot Other Things You Should Know About Season 8

the blacklist season 8
the blacklist season 8

Hye do you love crime thriller series if you really do then there is the news for you do you know about Blacklist Series?

I sure if you are really a true lover of Crime Thrillers series then you know about the Blacklist Series.

So here is the good news is The Blacklist Series Renewed with season 8 so if you are really interested in crime Thrillers.

Stay Connected with us in this article we’ll tell you every single detail about the Blacklist Season 8 let’s get started.

Releasing Date Of The All-Season Of The Series!!

the blacklist season 8
the blacklist season 8

The release date is not confirmed yet but we expected this series comes in late September the reason for expecting in September is because of most of the season of Blacklist.

It is out in September that is the reason we expected season 8 is coming in late September in 2020.

Let’s seen how our prediction goes true. This series is out on NBC I hope you know about NBC.

National Broadcasting Company is  the American English language T.V Channel.

The Blacklist Season 8 Plot: What Will It Be About?

The blacklist was one of the hit series based on crime thriller last 7 season was really interesting.

One thing is for sure in season 8 they will continue their thriller concept.

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Let’s wait for the season to make sure if you never watch the Blacklist series you should watch the last season of blacklist for a better understanding of season 8.

The Blacklist Season 8 Cast

the blacklist season 8
the blacklist season 8

Officially NBC has not confirmed their cast list but we are expecting the NBC bring back their last season’s main leading cast members.

  • James Spader
  • Megan Boone
  • alongside Diego Klattenhoff
  • Harry Lennix as Donald Ressler
  • Harold Cooper
  • Katarina Rostova

these are some main leading cast members in season 7 so we are expecting they are also returned in season 8.

Let’s see what it will true or not just wait for the release of season 8.

How Many Episodes Are There In The 8th Season?

There no other official announcement about the Episodes in the blacklist season 8 but that we are expecting 22 Episodes were theirs.

Because in the last season of the blacklist have also 22 episodes that why we are expecting Minimum 22 episodes in blacklist season 8.

Final Words

So that all about the upcoming hit series the blacklist season 8. we are trying our best to give you full information about this season 8.

So stay connected with us for more future updates for the blacklist season 8.