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The Black Death: The Deadliest Pandemic That Scared Mankind Out Of Its Wits

Before Coronavirus pandemic struck the modern world of today, mankind was faced with a brutal pandemic which was worse than the recent pandemic attack. Today we are going to discuss about the deadliest disease that shook the core of the mankind ; The Black Death.
The Black Death, also known as The Great Plague ; was the most devastating pandemic ever recorded in the Human History, resulting in millions of death estimating around 200 – 250 millions of people in Europe and Asia. This pandemic occurred between 14th , 17th and 19th centuries.

Root cause of the pandemic

The root cause was a bacterium called Yersinia pestis, which is commonly found in rodents. It has already been in several forms of plague like septicemic, pneumonic and the most known plague, bubonic. It was originated in central / east Asia where it travelled all the way to Europe from Silk Road, a common route used by traders and merchants. Black rats travelled on merchants ships throughout Mediterranean Basin, reaching the rest of Europe.


The infected person had appearance of buboes (inflammation of lymph nodes) all over in the neck, armpits, hands and leg region, which oezed pus and starts bleeding when opened up.

Death Toll

The Black Death was estimated to have killed around 30-60 % of European population. In total, it almost killed half of the world population at that time from 450 million to 250 million in 14th century.

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