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‘The Bachelor’ Spoiler: Peter’s Rose Ceremony Eliminations

On his Instagram on Monday night, Reality Steve revealed the latest spoilers for “The Bachelor” 2020.  Following are the spoilers that emerged:

Hannah Ann Slus gets to keep the rose on one-on-one date

The group date featured Natasha Parker, Madison Prewett, Sydney Hightower, Kelley Flanagan, Victoria Paul, and Kelsey Weier.

In the preview for this season of The Bachelor, fans saw Madison slap someone. This is the group date where that happened. The next spoiler reveals the one-on-one date with Victoria Fuller where they went to the rodeo and trained horses.

Then Reality Steve says that Victoria Paul left the show voluntarily. Plus, fans heard long back that she apparently appeared back in Louisiana “crowning her successor.” Reality Steve now noted that possibly Victoria already decided if she didn’t get to a certain level with Peter, then she would leave. That might account for her timing on her departure.

Victoria Fuller gets a second date

Victoria Fuller got a second one on one date despite her issues reported earlier.

Next came the two-on-one date where Tammy Ly and Mykenna Dorn both end up eliminated “on the date.” Further, Rose Ceremony 6 sees the elimination of  Sydney Hightower. So, that leaves six The Bachelor contestants to move on to Lima in Peru. The names include Madison Prewett, Natasha Parker, Kelsey Weier, Kelley Flanagan, Victoria Fuller, and Hannah Ann Slus.

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