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The Bachelor Season 18 Star Juan Pablo Galavis Is in Relationship and Is He Dating Currently?

This article is about the Bachelor season 18.One of the couple was Juan Pablo and Nikki Ferrell. Juan is the former soccer player.They both left the season 18 of the show together but it was not their break up …they broke up 7 months later.They split up in 2014.

How Was the Relationship Between Pablo and Ferrell?

Juan Pablo was a bachelor in Desiree Hartsock’s season of The Bachelorette .
He did not went far in the show but he had a very good fan following because  of his romantic as well as sexy accent.He became the first latino in 2013 to be known as the Bachelor .But fans were disliking his attitude towards the women .So at last Juan chose nikki ferrell as his winner ,even their relationship did not last long and the reason for their breakup was similar to other Bachelor’s .

When asked by Nikki ,what’s the reason for their breakup :she said that distance is the reason…but she doesn’t have anything bad to say about Pablo ….according to her they both tried very hard to make their relationship work ,but it didn’t work .But she has no personal grudges against him.

What’s the Current Updates?

Right now nikki is married to Tyler Van loo while Juan Pablo was recently divorced .He started dating osmariel villalobos in 2016,and got married in 2017.Their divorce has been confirmed in 2019.He has one daughter Camila from Carla Rodriguez .She was born in 2009 .

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Nikki and Tyler were friends but they started dating after the show.Villalobos confirmed their split up on an Instagram post which is now being deleted.She was a kind of women who always believed in happy ending like in fairy tales .Although there was no happy ending in her life but she believed that both of them tried to make each other happy through their gestures like in the fairy tales which is the most important thing in a relationship .

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